Sussex Police Community Messaging

Community messaging is a targeted messaging service that allows Sussex Police to contact you with regular messages to tell you what's happening in your local area. This includes keeping you informed about local meetings and any other community related news, including who your local police officers are and what they are doing about issues affecting the area where you live. These messages will also inform you about any criminal activity in the local area and ask for information to help prevent or solve a crime where you live. Please visit the Sussex Police website to sign up for the alerts.


Operation Crackdown

You can report driving offences online through Operation Crackdown. Action can take the form of a written warning letter to the registered keeper, enforcement or a visit by an officer to discuss the reported manner of driving or offence. Visit Sussex Police for more information.


Drink Driving Text Number

Report suspected drink-driving via text on 65999. This is a Sussex only scheme.


Bike Register

This is a security marking and registration scheme used by a lot of UK wide Police Forces including Sussex Police. Bike owners can sign up online at bike register or contact their local Neighbourhood Policing Team for details of any bike marking sessions taking place locally. There is no charge if the police mark your bike but you will need to provide proof of ID to the officer conducting the bike marking.



This is the UK national property register. It’s free to register and both members of the public and businesses can use Immobilise to register anything from mobile phones to satnavs to computers and laptops. It’s used by all UK Police Forces. Please visit the Immobilise website to register.